Summertime is here and most of us will enjoy their best outdoors with a furry friend in the water. During sunshine, swimming is one of the best ways to cool you down in a pool, river, lake, or at the beach. It is another best opportunity for your pup and you to enjoy some exercise and quality playtime together. You need to pack a life jacket for your dog and get ready to have some summer swimming.

Important Tips While Purchasing the Dog life Jacket

Most of the pet parents will prefer to spend some time in the water for warmer months and have some recreation plans for their dogs as well. It is also important for dogs to follow proper water safety since; it is one of our human family members.  PFDs (Pet Flotation Devices) are most essential for dogs since they are only for humans. Most crucial to select the proper PFD device to ensure the safety of your dogs in water.

Proper Fit

The guidelines for fitting will utilize girth and weight measurement by various manufacturers. Most of the dogs will not fit with these requirements and it is advisable to try the life jacket before purchasing the same. Most of the marine retailers and outdoor equipment will offer a proper fit for your dog to provide both usability and comfort. Most of the retailers will also have a separate pool to test with your dog.

Proper Function

If the PFD device is properly fitted then the dog can hold high in the water. The float will be placed under the dog’s chin to keep its head out of the water. It is easy to use the well-fitted PFD to and much simple for adjusting the dog. The dog’s ability should not interfere with the long straps while swimming. Brightly or reflective color material will assist with enhanced visibility.

Life Vest or Life Jacket

Based on your dog swimming type, you can select the best life jacket or life vest. It is primarily utilized within the enclosed areas like ponds and pools. They are easier, lighter, and smaller for swimming. The life jacket is always recommended for visibility and increased buoyancy with rough or open waters. Most of the dogs are really excellent swimmers however, some breeds are not.

Any dog with a novice or experienced swimmer may become disoriented, exhausted, and require a little boost. It is advisable to have a PFD device for your dog’s safety at any time on a pool deck, beach, dock, or a watercraft.

Convenient Handles with Life Jackets

Dog life jackets will offer convenient top handles to make it easier and safer for your dog. It can provide great assistance to your dog and a real lifesaver when it is in trouble. If your dog slips away from the boat, it is much easier to grab the convenient handle to place him near or lift him safely.

Keep Your Pet Warm Using a Life Jacket

Most of the dogs even with the thick coats can easily suffer from hypothermia while in cold water. As per the AKC (American Kennel Club) report, the normal body temperature of a dog will be 38.3 to 39.2 degrees Celsius (101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit). If the temperature falls below 37.2 degrees Celsius then it can suffer from hypothermia with impaired bodily functions.

There are various Dog life jackets available across the online platform to keep your dog warm and safe on cold swims. It will also offer maximum buoyancy and insulating naturally with its featured foam neoprene side panels.

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