Among other automobile industries, Honda stands the best and top-selling automobile in India. In addition to this, most people need to grab attention on new model bikes and scooters at this Honda manufacturer. To boost the sales, Honda Activa 5G is set to become a familiar brand to the audience. It comes with a special edition that is not only attractive but also includes existing features. Of course, price is slightly higher than standard Activa version. It has a limited release that has dual-tone color options by adding precious pearl white with Mattee Selene Silver and other colors options.

5 Attractive Features of Activa 5G

#1 Muffler cover and new side panels 

It includes numerous chrome garnish style by set with premium appeal. It molds with sports chrome metal with muffler cover and receives new side panels. The company launched a new TVC video that has details regarding the Honda Activa 5G. Therefore, it is more attractive, and mechanical bits remain the same in the Activa 5G version. Thus, it is capable for more engaging and involves standard versions of DLX variant. It comes with quick results and needs to carry out for the TVC model for covering elements of Honda Activa 5G.

#2 New LED position lamp and headlamp 

Safety features, on the other hand, combine with a braking system with equalizer. It holds 4 in 1 locking system update with slot inserted in the back. The rider can unlock the steering and petrol tank in one go. This mechanism is done with a start release button, and no need to takes key out. It takes place with onboard features includes new LED position lamp and headlamp. It gives brightness that supposes to include in the regular model. Sports digital-analog instrument console has a distinct role and plays an important role. It has the most desirable features in service due indicator.

#3 Has Monoshock resistance 

Activa 5G continues to power up 109.1cc engine offering 8hp power and 9NM torque mated. It gets trail link suspension in the front and needs to access on the monoshock resistance. It is quickly handling by drum brakes at both ends. It is capable of operating on the limited version, and DLX variant carries at a limited price. In this price range, the Honda Activa 5G continues its rivalry by Rs.58, 897. The viewers have to rely on a price range that is affordable with exclusive features. Special edition version permits one to make use of an additional price of 400 worth to the users. You will get an excellent variant and useful for accessing the other price range.

#4 Variomatic transmission 

With several aesthetic changes, it has dual-tone color schemes applicable for rider’s experience. It has apron upfront, and the headlight cowling finished with contrasting on pearl igneous color. The engine and transmission case is decked into gloss features. It designs with fiber bit of the body to feel durable and strengthen always. A  variomatic transmission provides cool effects and continues to enjoy ride effectively. It quickly combines with the braking system and needs to adjust for cooling variant. It produces 8bhp output and peak torque of 9Nm. So, the modification will limit to drive with the rear wheel.

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