In today’s era, people have started living very busy lives, often we get to hear from people that “there is no time”.  They always feel that they have less time and too much work. Scientists have created many convenient home appliances to make this busy life easier. This has made our life a lot easier.  An electric kettle is one of the modern features of such devices. This is commonly used in every household kitchen. This best electric kettle is used to heat water, which can be used to make light and quick breakfast and teas made with hot water and when the weather is cold, the hot water repeatedly on the gas, It is considered good to use an electric kettle instead.

What is Electric Kettle ? 

 It is shaped like a normal jar, made of plastic, glass and steel.  This instrument is both wireless and wired, which is powered by electric.  This allows the water to be heated in 2 to 3 minutes.

Types of Electric Kettle 

  it has been designed by different company in different look and shape.  These are mainly two types –

Manual Electric Kettle – 

By putting a certain amount of water in it, the fixed time and temperature are determined. At that time and after reaching the temperature the alarm of the kettle rings, then the switch on the kettle has to be stopped.

Automatic Electric Kettle –

 After putting water in it, it automatically stops after the water becomes hot. In an electric kettle, eggs can be boiled along with hot water.  Also, hot water is also used in Ost, Maggi, Tea and Green Tea. In equipment that uses more water often, the yellowing of the water begins to freeze at the bottom and surface of the kettle. This yellowing is caused by poor quality of water and salts in water. Due to the use of water in the electric kettle, the deposition in the bottom area turns into rust, which in the event of not being cleaned; the hot water also starts to become tasteless.  By using that tasteless water, various types of disease surround the body.

Steps to Clean Electric Kettle with Lemon Juice

If you cannot remove the yellowing or water marks that have accumulated in your kettle, do not panic, you can easily make electric kettle like new by using lemon.  Let us tell you how you can use lemon juice to clean the kettle-

  1. Squeeze one lemon juice in one liter of water and boil it in a kettle, after that, when the water cools, wipe it gently with a sponge.
  2. Mix the same amount of lemon juice and vinegar in one liter of water, and put it in the kettle and boil it, the kettle will be cleaned.
  3. Lemon contains citric acid, which, being an anti-oxidant, reacts directly with water, so removing two    or three lemon juice and keeping it in the kettle for a few hours with water will also clean the kettle.
  4. Cut the lime into two parts, squeeze the juice of one part in the kettle and add water to the kettle, cut the second part of the lemon finely and then boil the water in the kettle, then cool and wipe with a brush.

Method of Keeping the Electric Kettle Clean Regularly 

  • Always wash the kettle with a hand once before pouring water. 
  • Use fresh water every time to boil water more than once. 
  • Boil the kettle with lemon juice at least once a month to prevent dust accumulation. 

 The electric kettle for tea is a very helpful tool, especially for cold weather.  This kettle can fulfill the need of hot water in the winter season in minutes.  Regular cleaning of the kettle provides quality hot water.

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