Every one of you must have washed a hundred times so far, and some of us do it daily. Despite doing it daily and using the same washing machine for years, you still blame the washing machine for certain things. Did you anytime think the other way around? Did it ever come to your mind that it can be your mistake?

Some Basics Laundry Tips for Washing Machine

It happens most of the time with many people, and that is because they miss the laundry basics and end up with damaged clothes at the end of the wash.  So, just to avoid that kind of situation, here are some laundry basics that can help you avoid some of the basic laundry mistakes that you do daily.

Sorting Clothes

You usually sort just dark clothes and light clothes, but that is not how you should sort them. It would help if you separated the muddy and dirty clothes from the fresh ones, delicate fabrics from heavy fabrics. This way, you will be able to wash in a better way than you usually do.

Adding Detergent

Most of the people tend to add detergent directly to the clothes, which is a very big mistake. That may leave detergent marks on the clothes, and you blame the washing machine for it. But that is not how you should add detergent. You should add water to the clothes and then add detergent to it, or you should put the detergent in the separate tray given to you.

Keep the Zipper Closed

When you are putting your pants in the washing machine, you should always keep the pant zipper closed. There are chances that the door of the washing machine gets scratches if it is a front door washing machine. Also, there are chances that it pulls the other fabric threads, and the fabrics get damaged.

Buttons Should be Open

Like you should keep the zipper closed, you should keep the shirt buttons open. Yes, fastened shirt buttons may get damaged, and also the buttonholes will get ripped off. Make sure that you are opening the collar buttons and cuff buttons as well.

Check the Lint Filter

It is a very good laundry habit to check the lint filter every time you wash the clothes. If there is a high lint buildup, then the ducts can get clogged, and that can cause a fire hazard as well. You cannot blame the washing machine for this mistake.

Try Air Dry

Most of the people use the dryer in the washing machine for all kinds of clothes and blame the machine if the clothes end of shapeless. Some fabrics tend to stretch, and such kind of clothes should not be spun in the dryer. You should always try to air dry them if possible. This will keep them in shape, and that is not the mistake of your washing machine. Also, the dryer should never be overloaded.  Following these simple things can be really helpful for you to wash your clothes in a better way.

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