Living in regular ole’ apartment is really challenging and especially when you are living with your family. It’s so hard to accommodate all of the household items very conveniently in a compact space. Creating up more space from the pre-existing one is creativity and we are here going to provide you five such ideas that will save space in your apartment. 

  1. Cloth Drying Stand

Apartments usually don’t have enough of space where one can dry out their clothes hassle free. Cloth drying stands serve as a great savior for the small apartments. Ranging from your socks to your trousers you can dry each and every cloth of yours on it. One of the best things about the cloth drying stands is that these are portable; one can easily place in their preferred location and can change it even whenever required.

  1. Make use of space under the bed

Space under the bed is one of the most overlooked areas that can serve as a greater storage area for a variety of your belongings. You can store your shoes here, books, exercise gears, blankets, and various other things. Moreover, you can also make use of rollaway boxes as well for storing out a variety of other things as well. If you are going to buy a new bed for an apartment, make sure that it would have plenty of room underneath it for extra storage. 

  1. Opt for Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture serves as a great savior for apartments. So if you are going to purchase, get the one that you can make use for various tasks. Beds with storing cabinets, coffee table with large storage compartments and convertible sofa with the countertop on the back would really be great ideas to go. You can make use of such beds and coffee tables for storing out various bulky items of your such as bulky pillows, blankets and much more. Whereas you can convert your sofa into a bed and can do breakfast, lunch, and dinner on its back countertop anytime.

  1. Create a display area

Storage area cannot be a good idea always to go with. There are various household items that surely don’t need to be stored behind cabinet doors and closets. You can easily add such items in open shelves, old wooden crates and hanging racks that not only will store your items safely but display it as well. You can make use of such shelves for displaying your child’s artwork, achievements, book collection, or even glassware as well.

  1. Make use of empty space near doors

Area above doors and behind doors often remains unused. To avoid the dumping of items in your apartment, you can make use of these areas by creating shelves over there. You can easily store your various items in such areas while keeping the other area clean and clear.


One can live in even a small apartment very comfortable if he/she knows the art of creating up more space from the preexisting one. We have put on five best ideas here that will surely serve a savior for you while living in such apartments.

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